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Dan Hartman

Dan Hartman, in Ontario, spoke of his son, Sean, who loved hockey. To continue to play hockey he had to get the shot. He also loved movies, and had to get a shot to enter the cinema to be with his friends. After the shot, he was hospitalized with a severe reaction, with brown circles under his eyes among other striking symptoms, but was sent home only with Advil. He died soon after, and was found dead beside his bed. The autopsy has not ascertained an official cause of death.

He is convinced that his son’s death was caused by the shot, because only 2% of autopsies cannot find a cause of death. What is needed is people who know how to do autopsies in these cases, like those specializing in “vaccine” injuries. The doctors cannot tell him, 100%, that it was not caused by the “vaccine”. This was a sudden death.

A second pathologist looked at the autopsy report, and is of the opinion that it was the “vaccine” that caused the death, but is not 100% certain.

Dan has received numerous messages from people, who learned the story of his son, thanking Sean for saving their lives: they changed their minds about getting the shots.

Sonya Anderson (Organizer) Address

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