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Dr. Francis Christian

Dr. Francis Christian, also in Saskatchewan, commented that about this time last year he was a surgeon, in the University of Saskatchewan hospitals, and was a clinical professor of surgery, and director of two departments he founded or cofounded within the Dept. of Surgery, and was the founding editor-in-chief of a medical journal with worldwide circulation. He did in fact support some of the early measures, including lockdowns, but by April of 2020 he started asking his own questions. He began to see too many similarities between the government’s response and the measures imposed by totalitarianism regimes. “The pandemic” was being used in the same way that the Soviet Union treated its citizens, especially regarding “misinformation”. People were de-platformed and persecuted; the media became an arm of the government. Also, none of the data made any sense, in light of what the government was asserting. Discussions with colleagues were not very fruitful.

When it came to the rollout of the “vaccines” for teens and children, he had to speak out. He called for informed consent, on the part of parents and children. He stands by his original press statement, which can be found on the JCCF website. A week later, on this very date, he was called in for a “meeting,” and he was fired (the recording is also available via the JCCF site). He never claimed to speak for anyone, or any institution, other than himself.

Dr. Christian, speaking on the “baffling silence” of his colleagues, recalled how he pleaded with them to put their patients first. How, he asked, can they remain silent “during the greatest abuse of science and medicine that we have witnessed in centuries?” How have they gone along with fiction from bureaucrats who have never seen a patient in their lives? Do they accept that a drug is “safe and effective” because its manufacturer, and corrupt officials say so? How have they not realized that there is massive online censorship? When politicians punish people for personal health choices, why have they not spoken out? How could they stay silent as young children are subjected to these shots, when there was no emergency for children, and there are more harms than benefits? How do you remain silent as eminent colleagues are persecuted? These were just some of the powerful questions he put to colleagues in his presentation. He quoted Mark 8:36: “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

He asks his colleagues to help turn the tide.

The panel praised his questions (there was applause). Those are the questions that must be put to the medical profession in formal, public hearings. They thanked him warmly for his presentation.

Dr. Julie Ponesse

Dr. Julie Ponesse came to speak about how for the last two years Canada has not had a functioning democracy. There has been no interaction, discussion, debate, response, and representation. She sees no engagement with evidence that does not come from the pharmaceutical companies. Rather than reasoned debates, ad hominem attacks reign, where dissenting individuals are stigmatized. This is not how a democracy operates. She then recapitulated the details of her well known firing from Huron College: as a professor of ethics, she was fired for defending the ethics of informed consent, that is, her right to refuse the injection.

We are systematically removing people who question, who do not comply with the narrative, who refuse to follow the ideology. What we are being taught is that to be part of this society, we must follow the dominant ideology. You are not allowed to have any emotions. We thus end up with a society of automatons.

When a mandate is imposed, three groups are created, she explains: those who comply willingly; those who refuse; and those who are coerced. A mandate renders a human being non-rational, and therefore non-human. For a mandate to be ethically justified, it must meet a very high threshold: a seriously virulent disease; no available alternative treatments, or a treatment that is proven beyond doubt to be safe.

In response to questions from the panel, on what could be done to get more people to run for public office in such a toxic environment, she questions the point of recruiting political representatives from universities, for example, which are a very closed and unrepresentative environment. Is the challenge one of recruitment, or of fixing the system into which they are to be recruited. What inhibits open discussion in universities and academia? She admits she did not realize at first how much of a culture of silence prevails on campuses. More and more universities are becoming and acting like corporations, which influences what kind of administrators and academics are hired, and what kinds of courses are developed. She condemns universities for not serving anyone: they train students for a workplace that does not exist; they have banished reason, among other problems. There are many in the university right now who are deeply troubled, but lack the confidence to speak up. What is being done to students is devastating: anxiety is rampant; they are prisoners to reputation on social media. She urges students not to think that post-secondary education is their only option. Our education system is not serving our students. What are students getting out of it? They are sacrificing their lives, maybe their health. There are many other ways to become educated in the world—she emphasizes self-education, and endorses the Canadian Centre for Learning. She predicts the rise of a number of other, alternative post-secondary education avenues opening in the coming years.

Jenn Gilbert and Jesse

Jenn Gilbert, in Alberta, spoke of her and her partner’s previous marriages, on seeking natural health remedies, and seeking alternatives for their health. Jenn’s ex-husband objected to her natural treatments for their daughter. When Covid struck, she paid increasing attention to those who were not being heard, and questioned how the “vaccines” were being rushed, and had no long-term testing. She also questioned the masking of her daughter in school. Her ex-husband is very much pro-vax, and considers Jenn to be “paranoid” for thinking that there are aspects to be questioned, and told her he thought she was being “a little nuts”. Jenn’s new partner, Jesse, prefers natural health like Jenn, and is attracted to holistic and natural practices. He works in Occupational Health and Safety. Clean food and exercise are powerful solutions to many health problems, he learned. Jenn and her ex-husband disagreed on the “vaccination” of their daughter. He wanted their parent coordinator, who has arbitration rights, to make a final decision. Jenn threatened to go to the courts, as did the husband, which is where the case ended up. Jenn’s lawyer was pessimistic about their chances, and pressed Jenn to find reasons why her daughter specifically should not be “vaccinated”. Specialists they visited encouraged “vaccination”. Dr. Eric Payne, whom she met eventually via the CCCA, wrote an affidavit. In the end, the judge sided with the government, that her child should get the shot because the government says so, as her daughter might be that one in a million children who could die from Covid.

In response to questions from the panel, she urged concerned parents not to give up. She resolves to continue trying to get the truth out there. She does not regret going to court, and notes there have been some successful cases in Ontario—which her Alberta judge asserted were not relevant to her case in Alberta.

Dr. Eric Payne

Dr. Eric Payne, who heard Jenn Gilbert speak before him, brought up some slides for his presentation (see attached). His children are 3, 5, and 8 years of age, and he could see what was coming in terms of shots for children. He objected to how the definition of vaccines has been changed. He also noted how the “vaccinated” have fared poorly—see the slides. He ended by noting that he has lost his medical position.

In response to questions from the panel, on whether there is a forum or regulatory arena where he could formally present his data for adjudication, he noted that most of it is already publicly available. Otherwise, there is no such regulatory arena in Canada. Those who present such data are publicly attacked. He was personally targeted in the media in Alberta. Invitations to debate have gone unanswered. The creation of a permanent forum would be beneficial.

Given the fact the spike protein circulates for months, he answered that the temporal range for considering adverse events needs to be extended—in reference to the presentation made earlier by Dr. Phillips (above). Why is Canada missing the signals unlike the US or EU? Because Canadians tend to believe their own narrative—the “vaccines” are safe—there is no way of tracking adverse events that, by definition almost, do not happen, and where reporting processes are restrictive and are denied up front.

About his letter to the Alberta CPSO, it was emailed in September of 2021, and was then leaked—different version were leaked, so in the interest of accuracy he uploaded the true copy to the JCCF website. One CPSO member thanked him for his letter, did not call any of it “misinformation,” and then recommended he take an AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson shot (both of which were pulled from the Canadian market). We are seeing evidence of higher deaths among the “vaccinated,” he correctly noted, as well as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).