Annabelle Edge

Annabelle Edge filed a report in CAERS, and was invited to the panel by Max Daigle. Understandably, as a “vaccine”-injured person, she was sometimes emotional when speaking, and on occasion had to stop. Her two children in elementary school have also been affected, because she is a single provider.

“Before 2020, I already had two rare pre-existing conditions that impacted my trigeminal and other cranial nerve functioning. One was from jaw and facial surgery as a teenager, one was from viral infection in 2015 diagnosed as “Ramsay Hunt Syndrome”. Both left me with permanent but easily manageable nerve damage. My sons and I all caught the original variant of Covid very symptomatically in March of 2020. It took me 6 weeks to recover from Covid symptoms, but being ill with the original Covid variant also aggravated my cranial nerve damage and it took several months to return back to manageable. I took the 1st vaccine on June 1, 2021, and had severe nerve damage pain 4 days after, which took a month to return to manageable. As I was concerned about not having to take any prescription medications July 2021 and as a solo parent about my employment opportunities if not fully vaccinated, I took the 2nd vaccine on August 1st, 2021, and started having severe nerve pain again 4-5 days later. By the 8th day, it was absolutely unbearable and I sought help as instructed by Ontario “TeleHealth” at an ER. In the following 6 weeks I had to seek help at an ER 3 times. I continue to be in severe pain on a nearly daily basis and my condition has not been manageable for almost 12 months now. I need medical help. Most importantly my children need their mother to be provided medical help and support.

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