April Crocker

April Crocker from Alberta, was injured from two Moderna shots—but her account spans a range of serious problems with her experience with the so-called healthcare system. A couple of weeks after her Moderna shot (not clear which shot is referenced), she developed weakness in the legs, and her walk changed as one of her legs began to drag. Until then she did not know what a “vaccine-injury” even was, and had not heard of VAERS. After she reported her symptoms, all her tests reported “normal” and she was told that Moderna is “100% safe”. A specialist recommended some stretching and other exercises—which cause such a massive buildup of lactic acid in her leg, that she needs days to recover.

She also discussed the use of Ivermectin with her doctor, who told her she had no time to study the randomized-control trials about the successful use of Ivermectin—and this during “such a dangerous global pandemic” as she remarked to her doctor who made no time to review the studies.

She felt pressured to get a third shot to keep her job, but her doctor refused to write an exemption. She also refused to prescribe Ivermectin. When she told her doctor she might go and get it on the black market, not knowing really what she could get (it could be poison), her doctor merely remarked: “Let me know how it goes”. Her doctor also dragged her feet about filing an Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) report with Health Canada. Her doctor then recorded the wrong symptoms, and tried to convince April that her symptoms were the result of anxiety from “vaccine hesitancy”.

April was subsequently told that regardless of what a neurologist might find, she would not get a medical exemption, period. She would have to get another shot.

A nurse who injected her confirmed that “natural immunity is best”. April asked her: “So why didn’t you ask me if I had Covid? I did have it”. Regardless, the injection proceeded.

Her GP confided she was sad that April had such a bad experience with Moderna—and then recommended Pfizer instead. On subsequent visits she was asked if she had her flu shot, a tetanus shot, a HPV shot, as if she had reported no problems at all with the Moderna shot, when she was still dealing with symptoms from it.

“I’m going to live the best life I can”.

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