Audrey Vanderhoek​

Audrey Vanderhoek is a registered nurse in British Columbia, and a graduate of UBC. She has had Covid, is “unvaccinated,” and has been fired. Initially, protocols at her hospital were simple: a “mask,” and a temperature check. Then doctors stopped coming in. Then visitors were banned. When they had an outbreak, they could not contain it, and the Covid unit was shut down—then renovated. As a result, numerous workers came in to do renovations, who were not subjected to the same restrictions. She described her experience with Covid, which got progressively worse, and she suffers from long Covid, she said. Sixteen months later, she was on a gradual return to work, and was told that “vaccine” mandates would soon come into effect. She was told that a medical exemption, like a religious one, was next to impossible. Even early retirement was threatened. She was eventually sent home on a leave of absence, and then was terminated for cause, and was not entitled to severance or Employment Insurance payments. Over 20 years of experience was simply dismissed.

“Shameful” and “inhumane” is how she described the experience. She struggled to regain EI, and ultimately succeeded, and it was acknowledged that she had been wrongfully fired. She also learned that Covid infection was to be treated as two doses of the “vaccine”, following her appeals to the Government of BC, the Ministry of Health, and even the Prime Minister’s Office (I missed some of the details here, which were rushed). Her union promised action, but would not say what action that would be. She went from being a “hero” to being ostracized.

The moderator commented: “if it was really about immunity, they would be asking for Immunity Passports and not Vaccine Passports”.

In response to questions from the moderator and the panel, she reflected how much of our behaviour was shaped by the media and the CDC. During her ordeal, she felt pretty much alone in her struggle. One occupational therapist was especially helpful, however.

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