Beau Bedard​

Beau Bedard, a college teacher in Toronto, was put on leave on September 7, 2021, for not complying with mandatory “vaccination”. He told his employer he believed in informed consent, and wanted to get safety data, and pointed out that Pfizer itself said that its Phase 3 trial would not be completed for two more years. He had been teaching online, and could have continued. In fact, only two of his five courses for that semester were in person—but all his courses were taken from him. Once the provincial mandates were lifted, the employer invited him back to work—online, an option which they had previously denied to pressure him to get “vaccinated”. He is taking them to arbitration. He does not know of many colleagues who take unpaid leave. He has also taught this summer, including one course in person, and his employer demanded that he be masked while teaching. He protested that, noting that the “masks” are unsafe and deprive him of sufficient oxygen. To prove his point he contacted a dozen companies that deal with respirators to help show the level of oxygen inside his “mask”; one agreed, and the readings were alarming in terms of the high degree of CO2, and the low level of oxygen inside the “mask” as compared to the surrounding room.

The moderator, Trish Wood, asked if in an institution of higher learning if anyone investigated the science or the data behind the failed “vaccines” and the “masks,” or was it just a case of shut up an do what you’re told. He confirmed that it was the latter—thus it has been a group-think issue rather than an evidence issue.

In response to questions from the panel, he noted how his employer preferred to hire, with little advance preparation, a number of part time teachers to take his courses, and he wondered how much time they would even have had to prepare. His view is that it is likely that the education of students suffered. In the meantime, he found alternative employment—“employers are replaceable too”.

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