David Shaw​

David Shaw spoke of his 16 year old son going behind his back to get “vaccinated”, in order to participate in hockey tryouts. As his father, he has been blocked from attending his son’s hockey events because he did not have a QR code—not having been “vaccinated” himself. He did manage, once, to make his way in and was in there for 35 minutes. He was threatened with arrest unless he left—he did not, and was grabbed by two officers (security working for “corporate services”) and handcuffed, and paraded in front of others as he was removed from the arena. At this point David began to sob in recounting the experience. He was also banned for thirty days from the property.

The night after this experience, he attempted reentry, and was again blocked. This happened three or four more times. He repeatedly said that “those corporate service people are nice people, I have no issue with them”. Subsequently he obtained a religious exemption signed by a lawyer and his pastor—and with that he was allowed in to see his son practice, and without a mask. But now the mask became the issue. He had also confronted Mayor Crombie if he would still have parents arrested for going to watch their children play hockey, when everything else was opening up—this also alerted “corporate services” to apparently target him when he showed up at future hockey events. He was arrested one more time (this time by the police), regardless of his exemption. He was frisked, handcuffed, and they doubted the veracity of his exemption. He referred to the police as “good guys,” even though he got two tickets amounting to roughly $400 in total.

In response to questions from the panel, he said he had few allies, away from hockey—not from the hockey association, the league, or other parents. Everyone remained silent. Then hockey, like other sports, was shut down in Ontario. When it reopened, he was able to attend events. At one point he was banned from all hockey rinks in the entirety of Mississauga—the city even contacted his employer (which had contracts with the city), and he lost his job.

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