Deanna McLeod

Deanna McLeod spoke on Covid “vaccines” for children. She outlined her background. (This presentation was also based on slides, and the information was thus presented very quickly.) She is attuned to how Big Pharma markets products for their benefits alone, and skew away from the harms. There are three basic questions to be asked—see the slide—and if the answer is “no” to any of them, one does not use that product. The current Covid “vaccines” are not like traditional vaccines at all. Pharmaceutical companies were crafty in calling this genetic material “vaccines,” they thus misled the public, and created a bias in how people approach the data. Big Pharma and the government spent millions ($50 million on the part of the Canadian government), on a pre-marketing campaign, setting the stage also for identifying opposing questions as “misinformation”. There is no need to treat asymptomatic children, she pointed out. Most US children are already immune, so there is no basis for “treatment”. McLeod also argued, based on evidence presented, that the “vaccines” simply do not work to any significant extent—there is no large benefit. The principle of minimal intervention is being ignored; the burden of care is placed on a wide group. The trials show more cases of infection happening among those children who got the shots. “Safety” is being manipulated; instead what we have is “declared safety,” in the absence of rigorous long-term testing. (She is compelled to bring her presentation to a close, due to time limits.)

There was no time for questions. She did mention that much of the funding for her company’s research in fact comes from pharmaceutical companies themselves.

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