Dr. Chong Wang

Dr. Chong Wong, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, also faced problems with the “safe and effective mantra”. He met patients who had been subjected to abusive treatment, or who simply discussed nothing Covid-related with their doctors. He attempted to give his patients some guidance, so that their choices would be informed. His patients were often stressed, to the point of tears, for having been told by their employers that it was either the jab or their job. He also reflected on how Covid was being used to drive a wedge between patients and their doctors. Dr. Wong’s remarks were very brief.

In response to questions from the panel, he argued for empowering patients with knowledge so they know how to respond to these issues, that they do not have to take abuse from anybody, and have the right to speak up.

Having prescribed Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, he was reported to the provincial college. One of his patients ended up in hospital and revealed his prescription, which launched one of the complaints, regardless of whether those medications caused the person to be hospitalized. He is thus under prosecution from the provincial medical college.

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