Dr. Chris Milburn

Dr. Chris Milburn (physician), in 2020 was the Chief of the ER for Eastern Nova Scotia, in charge of over a dozen ERs. Dr. Milburn questioned school closures and mandatory “vaccinations”. He questioned the application of a new technology with limited safety data. He was fired for “undermining the Medical Officer of Health” for questioning the policies, and for creating “vaccine hesitancy” (“the new blasphemy,” as he put it). He had always been outspoken, and he resisted the top-down command structure in the health system. Dr. Milburn was told to stay in his lane: focus on administering ERs, and leave health policy to the Chief Medical Officer, who seemed to have no interest in the side effects of the “vaccines” and lockdowns. The results of the lockdowns include cases of suicide, of people who suffered heart attacks at home and did not go to hospitals, and the side effects of the “vaccines” include known cases of myocarditis. Dr. Milburn’s legal trials in Nova Scotia are ongoing. He was not in the least bit intimidated, and has doubled down on his criticisms, and is ready to lose his job if that sacrifice is necessary. In his view, a large number of doctors, behind the scenes, are really uncomfortable with the dominant policies, and are too afraid to speak out.

Dr. Milburn, who in fact occupied numerous different “lanes” in the health system, having served on various review boards, was taken aback by the constant repetition of the “safe and effective” mantra, and that school closures did more good than harm, or that “masks” make a difference or “save lives”. By becoming mantra, most then do not look for data that calls that into question.

He also pointed out that there is no internal forum within the Nova Scotia health system to debate policy. When he asked questions about the “mask” policy, and the criteria for ending it, and sent those questions up the chain, he received either no reply, or a reply that simply affirmed “this is our policy” and his job was to enforce it. He felt that doctors were forced to play a game of “Simon Says,” and were treated as children. It was as if only Dr. Robert Strang, the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Nova Scotia, was the only person qualified to do the thinking. He was also concerned that “when you mix politics with science, what you get is politics”.

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