Dr. Eric Payne

Dr. Eric Payne, who heard Jenn Gilbert speak before him, brought up some slides for his presentation (see attached). His children are 3, 5, and 8 years of age, and he could see what was coming in terms of shots for children. He objected to how the definition of vaccines has been changed. He also noted how the “vaccinated” have fared poorly—see the slides. He ended by noting that he has lost his medical position.

In response to questions from the panel, on whether there is a forum or regulatory arena where he could formally present his data for adjudication, he noted that most of it is already publicly available. Otherwise, there is no such regulatory arena in Canada. Those who present such data are publicly attacked. He was personally targeted in the media in Alberta. Invitations to debate have gone unanswered. The creation of a permanent forum would be beneficial.

Given the fact the spike protein circulates for months, he answered that the temporal range for considering adverse events needs to be extended—in reference to the presentation made earlier by Dr. Phillips (above). Why is Canada missing the signals unlike the US or EU? Because Canadians tend to believe their own narrative—the “vaccines” are safe—there is no way of tracking adverse events that, by definition almost, do not happen, and where reporting processes are restrictive and are denied up front.

About his letter to the Alberta CPSO, it was emailed in September of 2021, and was then leaked—different version were leaked, so in the interest of accuracy he uploaded the true copy to the JCCF website. One CPSO member thanked him for his letter, did not call any of it “misinformation,” and then recommended he take an AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson shot (both of which were pulled from the Canadian market). We are seeing evidence of higher deaths among the “vaccinated,” he correctly noted, as well as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

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