Dr. Francis Christian

Dr. Francis Christian, also in Saskatchewan, commented that about this time last year he was a surgeon, in the University of Saskatchewan hospitals, and was a clinical professor of surgery, and director of two departments he founded or cofounded within the Dept. of Surgery, and was the founding editor-in-chief of a medical journal with worldwide circulation. He did in fact support some of the early measures, including lockdowns, but by April of 2020 he started asking his own questions. He began to see too many similarities between the government’s response and the measures imposed by totalitarianism regimes. “The pandemic” was being used in the same way that the Soviet Union treated its citizens, especially regarding “misinformation”. People were de-platformed and persecuted; the media became an arm of the government. Also, none of the data made any sense, in light of what the government was asserting. Discussions with colleagues were not very fruitful.

When it came to the rollout of the “vaccines” for teens and children, he had to speak out. He called for informed consent, on the part of parents and children. He stands by his original press statement, which can be found on the JCCF website. A week later, on this very date, he was called in for a “meeting,” and he was fired (the recording is also available via the JCCF site). He never claimed to speak for anyone, or any institution, other than himself.

Dr. Christian, speaking on the “baffling silence” of his colleagues, recalled how he pleaded with them to put their patients first. How, he asked, can they remain silent “during the greatest abuse of science and medicine that we have witnessed in centuries?” How have they gone along with fiction from bureaucrats who have never seen a patient in their lives? Do they accept that a drug is “safe and effective” because its manufacturer, and corrupt officials say so? How have they not realized that there is massive online censorship? When politicians punish people for personal health choices, why have they not spoken out? How could they stay silent as young children are subjected to these shots, when there was no emergency for children, and there are more harms than benefits? How do you remain silent as eminent colleagues are persecuted? These were just some of the powerful questions he put to colleagues in his presentation. He quoted Mark 8:36: “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

He asks his colleagues to help turn the tide.

The panel praised his questions (there was applause). Those are the questions that must be put to the medical profession in formal, public hearings. They thanked him warmly for his presentation.

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