Gail Davidson

Gail Davidson addressed Canada’s commitments under international human rights law. Covid mandates restricted many rights, including freedom from arbitrary detention, torture, and rights to education, work, and freedom of choice, and rights to dissent and to engage in free speech. Canada is bound by its commitments to numerous human rights charters and treaties, those at the core of the United Nations. The Supreme Court of Canada has already ruled that Canadian law must provide at least as much protection as that provided by international human rights law and jurisprudence. Rights that can never be legally restricted or suspended, are freedom from non-consensual medical experimentation or treatment, and freedom from torture. Any law that mandates injections without informed consent is unlawful. Consent must be provided voluntarily, must be informed (there must be discussion about risks, and alternatives), and the principle for respect for autonomy underpins the right to informed consent. Propaganda, lack of information, and severe punishments for failure to submit to injection or to promote the pharmaceutical products, all worked to violate informed consent. Freedom of movement and assembly were also restricted. Canada’s emergency measures were unlawful, she concluded.

(The material present is available in a paper which she published via the CCCA).

In response to questions from the panel, on why would Canada hold itself to account to international law if it does not hold itself accountable to Canadian laws, she nonetheless advises Canadians to submit complaints to UN committees on human rights, torture, and to a variety of special rapporteurs who monitor freedom of expression, movement, assembly, and so on. Each body will note the violation, and make a recommendation to Canada—and they can be embarrassing because they get international attention. Attempts by Gail Davidson to inform provincial and federal governments about their duties under international law and treaties, received no reply, not even an automated one.

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