Greg Hill​

Greg Hill is a 32-year veteran of the Air Force and was an airline captain. He was fired from his job, was expelled from the air force, and was forced to sell his home and move his family. He is the director of Free to Fly, Canada, and works with tens of thousands of professionals in all sectors of air transport. He denounced the loss of trust in entire sectors, in the political, scientific, and medical communities. Questions, if there were any, were silenced. In dealing with a Transport Canada doctor, he noted that participation in medical trials is not permitted when employed in the sector, and was told that the “vaccines” had been “fully approved” by Health Canada (they had not). He asked for information on adverse effects, as Health Canada had just released information about myocarditis—he received no reply.

He personally knows, first hand, of “vaccine” injuries suffered by airline colleagues in Canada, and none of their injuries have been acknowledged. No replies, to hundreds of questions from members of the public, ever came from the Minister for Transport. Transport Canada refused to answer questions pertaining to flight crew health, critical to maintenance of safety in the industry. He ended by quoting Primo Levi: “Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions”.

In response to questions from the panel, he noted that even those who were “vaccinated” cannot afford to speak out and voice their questions for fear that they will still be targeted and perhaps terminated. Given the constant non-response of the authorities, he notes that systems are already in place to deal with that problem (he did not elaborate), but what we need is for people to be ethical and be willing to lose something in the process of defending the good of the wider society—or else lose everything of value further down the line. He praised the continuous, unrelenting, courageous pressure mounted by ordinary Canadians in getting the travel mandates to be lifted/suspended. He says it is unknown whether he will ever fly again.

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