Hayley Weinrauch​

Hayley Weinrauch, a student at McEwan in Edmonton, was told to be “vaccinated” by January (2022) or be prevented from taking her classes and completing her degree. Her own doctor yelled at her to get the shot because of her heart condition. He had also previously urged her to get an abortion, because of the same condition. Counter to his pressue, she went ahead and had the baby, who is the joy of her life. Hayley was clearly distraught in recounting these events, traumatized, and she burst into tears in relating these experiences. Constant battles with the school over her decision ensued from her decision not to get the shot. She lost a lot of faith in this society. Extra burdens were caused by restrictions where childcare were involved.

Fellow students spoke of the unvaxxed as inferior people. She was isolated until she found others in her situation online.

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