Henry Lu​

Henry Lu, is a student at University of Toronto, and a cancer survivor. At first, in September 2021 or just prior, it seemed the university would allow masking and testing as an option for those attending in person. Soon after, “vaccination” became mandatory for attendance—and every course was pushed to return in person, which mounted the pressure to get ‘“vaccinated”. He had only one course to finish his degree.

His oncologist only told him the shot was “safe and effective” without discussion about how his cardiovascular system, damaged by chemotherapy, might act as a comorbidity for the “vaccine”. No studies of people in similar circumstances were discussed, and thus no risks were considered.

In Ontario, only those who developed myocarditis from the first shot, or very severe allergic reactions, were even considered for exemption for a second shot.

Henry tried every avenue, every office on campus, to get a hearing. His attempts resulted in nothing. No assistance from either the Student Union or the student newspaper was forthcoming—at most, they only feigned sympathy and concern.

He values his medical privacy, and does not want to discuss it with strangers, normally. Destructive “vaccine” mandate policies are catching all sorts of vulnerable people in their cross-hairs, he explained.

The University has delayed his education by a whole year.

How has his experience affected his thinking about science? It has not shaken his belief at all—their “science” is not real science at all. His oncologist is not a real doctor. Did the university make any economic impact assessment in terms of the future careers of affected students? No. Indeed, he is working in retail, not in computer science. Should he return to studies in the future, he will get less in student loans, because he became a de facto “no show” in his recent class. What the University is doing is absolutely coercive, a negation of informed consent, and they leverage the fact that they have the students’ tuition payments, held as a ransom.

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