Hugh Akoji​

Hugh Akoji, 76 years of age, is a traditional chief from New Brunswick with degrees in mathematics and physics, and a career in fisheries and ocean research. He spoke of his niece who died after her Covid “vaccine” injection. She was 39. When she was four, she had her pituitary gland removed because of cancer—in his view, this compromised her, and she should not have been approved for the shot. She was also on medications (he did not specify). He could not find any official records as to how his niece may have died from the “vaccine,” but he noted that she died from blood clots.

He argued that “science” has been abused during this crisis. He has rejected the “vaccines” for Covid. Regarding his niece, he has no way to confirm the evidence of her death from the “vaccine”—everyone seems to be following a “code of silence,” even his family.

On reserves, there are chiefs that are concerned, and some are starting to ask questions of Health Canada of what is going on with “vaccine” injuries. A single nurse spoke to him about the condition of his niece. He has been denied access to medical records. His presentation was abridged by the moderator.

In response to questions from the panel, he cannot say if the chiefs he knows would ever testify in public at a formal inquiry. He says he would though, absolutely.

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