Irvin Studin​

Irvin Studin (Institute for 21st Century Questions) spoke on the crisis in education, which he thinks is the major human catastrophe of this crisis, by far. “Third bucket kids”—are those educated not in person, not by virtual means, but rather receiving no schooling at all. Half a billion children around the world were placed in the third bucket; the estimate for Canada is 200,000. They do not necessarily return when schools reopen. Few were even aware that they had exited when schools went online. The compulsory school system collapsed. No attempt is being made to find these children. In the post-pandemic world, which is crueler, more fastidious, and now with a harsher economic climate, the third-bucket children will fare poorly and it will create a huge underclass that will destabilize Canada in the future. Studin recommends that schools never be closed again—it’s an existential issue. Institutions are continuing to press with “vaccine” mandates, even when governments have lifted them, as if they need to be individually instructed to stop.

The educational system was the most affected negatively, he argues.

In response to questions from the panel, he stated that if a national independent inquiry were to happen, he would agree to help develop the terms of reference for studying the impact on children. There has been a national collapse in thinking, he argued. Ottawa had no involvement at all in matters affecting schools—it was a provincial matter. Chief Medical Officers of Health exceeded their expertise or mandate in pushing for school closures.

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