Jaiden Weinrauch

Jaiden Weinrauch, from Saskatchewan, who studied at St. Francis Xavier in Nova Scotia, had just completed her four-year Bachelor’s degree. She was barred from sports, from practice, from spectating—and she spoke of how university policies divided friends. Isolation became the dominant experience. She was prohibited from attending pre-graduation ceremonies. She was blocked from flying home for Christmas, given the federal government’s travel ban against the “unvaccinated,” and she could thus not attend her grandfather’s funeral. On campus, she had to be tested every 72 hours just to attend class, a burdensome obligation. Testing was done on campus, in the middle of a building where everyone could see her walking in.

Very few of her friends and teammates were “unvaccinated”. She pointed to the usually hostile/aggressive wording of communications from the university. She was effectively treated as a “freak”.

She felt blame from teammates, given the StFX Athletics Dept. pushed “vaccination” and stated that those not following were hurting others.

How has her experience changed her? She is leaving StFX with a bitter taste.

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