Karen Kobel​

Karen Kobel: “As a business owner during this pandemic, my family, my staff and myself were greatly impacted by the rules, restrictions, mandates, and lockdowns that were set upon us without full transparency, communication, data, and support. It was heartbreaking to watch our livelihoods suffer and taken away from our community and our clients when offering mental, physical, emotional, spiritual help in such heavy and dark times.

I also suffered side effects and vaccine injuries after receiving one dose of this treatment. This put me in a unique category: injured, “unvaxxed,” and a business owner. I set forth on a journey for answers and sent in my side effects and injuries to CAERS, VISP, and the regular adverse effects of a vaccine. I was able to run my business as someone suffering side effects with only 1 dose, but I couldn’t go out to eat for my anniversary, birthday, or swim lessons for my daughter. It was a test of my mental heath, resiliency, morals, principles, and authenticity, but I have now seen the other side and will never go against my instincts.” 

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