Kayla Bishop​

Kayla Bishop a student in Ontario, is “vaccine”-injured. She had done research, and found that her risk-benefit analysis did not warrant the shot, and it did pose dangers—she was young, healthy, with no comorbidities. She felt pressured by her university, and the student loan program, to proceed to get the shots. After her second dose, she suffered chest pains. She was admitted to hospital, and there it was discovered that she had developed tachycardia. Less able to focus due to her new condition, and less able to perform in theatre classes given the difficulty of breathing with a mask in class, her studies began to suffer. As a theatre student, her work is physically demanding, so she does not even know if she can do what she went to school to do.

What could Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University) have done differently? It could have allowed an option for testing to attend school. Universities should not be the ones to instruct people on their medical decisions, Kayla said. Universities mandated, with no discussion with affected students. University administrators did not discuss risks.

She still has chest pains that come and go, and she is far from being in normal health.

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