Kayla Jones

Kayla Jones, got the “vaccine” due to her employment as a law clerk, and had to work in multiple environments that demanded the “vaccine”. She got Pfizer. Three days after the second dose she experienced left-hand numbness, confusion, and displayed signs of strokes or possibly a heart attack. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and was cleared. Later, her doctor referred her to a neurologist. They could not find a problem from the tests they ran. Before all tests were completed, she drove into another car. Eventually they found some “abnormalities” from an MRI scan. Before her next MRI, she suffered a seizure at work. Again she was cleared—no explanation, no medication. For her follow-up MRI, they found several lesions all over her brain and told her to get to Sunnybrook Hospital right away. By the time she was discharged, they agreed to file a report that she suffered a “vaccine” injury. She only has telephone appointments with her neurologist at Sunnybrook. She has been diagnosed with Central Nervous System Vasculitis, and the doctors have no idea of how to treat it, apart from cycling her through a variety of medications to see what might work.

She has daily symptoms and still cannot lift her arm. She cannot work. Employment Insurance having expired, she now lives on Social Assistance—which barely covers rent, so she depends on food banks (some of the food is moldy, she says). Much of her EI income went to pay for medication. She has essentially been reduced to a pauper, added to her physical disability, and she is a single mother of two.

The head of the CCCA, David Ross, recommends that she go back to her employer, who demanded the shots, and ask them what they will do for her.

When she mentions that her problems are “vaccine” related, reactions are varied: “you’re stupid for getting the shot” or “how can you even blame the vaccine?” Support has been minimal to nonexistent.

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