Kelly-Sue Oberle

Kelly-Sue Oberle, from London, Ontario, is also “vaccine” injured. She has suffered cognitive impairment and blindness in one eye. She was 68 in 2021, and was very active physically, with an active social life and a busy work schedule. She was looking forward to retirement. She initially took the shot as an employer and manager of volunteers, to stay open. After her first Pfizer shot she experienced pains in her calf and foot, and did not realize it was a blood clot. After a massage therapist advised her, she went to a vascular surgeon who informed her she had blood clots in her femoral artery. By then she had the second Pfizer shot, and then suffered a chain of several strokes and Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs)—she lists all the dates, and she broke down in tears as she spoke. What ensued were a series of visits to specialists, endless tests, numerous medications prescribed—and she described some of the doctors as impatient and gruff with her, one advising her not to return unless she suffered a catastrophic stroke. Doctors are still looking for the cause, she said. She continues to suffer from retinal migraines, and has been on large doses of Tylenol for several months. She also contracted Covid. She is now 70. She thought the “vaccine” was developed to protect us from getting Covid—reality proved otherwise. People treat her as someone who is making up her case. “Correlation is not causation,” she has been told ad nauseam. Instead, she insists, that’s all we have. She refuses to be a casualty.

One night, after sleeping on the couch, she had a stroke. When she awoke, she did not know who she was, or where she was. A neighbor had to tell her. She now goes to bed every night with a slip of paper under her pillow that states: “I am a Kelly-Sue Oberle. I live at [address]. I belong to someone, and I matter”.

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