Marjaleena Repo​

Marjaleena Repo, speaking from Saskatchewan, cannot mask for medical reasons. She is a cancer survivor. “I have been receiving the hard end of the stick for two years,” she says about her life under the mandates in Saskatchewan. Restrictions have not been really lifted in Saskatchewan, as much as they have been “downloaded”: now a theatre can continue to use the “vaccine” passport to restrict admittance. She begins to panic, or faint, when she is compelled to wear a mask. On one occasion, her blood pressure went up to 210 while wearing a mask. She was provided with a mask exemption by her doctor, but it was not recognized by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the very institution that made provisions for mask exemptions in their regulations. She once had the opportunity to receive radiation therapy, but was told she could have no more opportunities if she did not comply with the mask mandate. She receives limited attention from her oncologist. She relies on public transport, and is denied access because she cannot wear a mask. She has been denied blood tests in the co-op clinic, of which she is a supporting member, because she is not masked. “All around me there is hostility to my person,” she says. “Right now I am fighting for my right to breathe”. She has been ticketed for taking part in a protest to demand children be free of masking, a ticket for $2,800, and she is preparing to fight it in court. However, the courts have a mask mandate, so she may not have access to her own trial.

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