Ontario Resident

Mr. P, also from Toronto, has been appalled from his experience. He is a developmental geneticist and project manager. During the summer of 2021 it became clear that Ontario was heading toward mandatory injections, and he had concerns about the safety. In other countries, where most of the populace was injected, the Delta variant was nonetheless raging. He had also heard of the many diverse adverse reactions. The level of the language from the government, from the Prime Minister, against the non-compliant “was borderline hate speech”. He felt coerced to get the shots. He realized that natural immunity from prior infection was dismissed. After the second dose, of the Moderna shot, he developed a severe adverse reaction and was advised to go to the ER by his occupational health and safety department. The ER would not file an adverse event report. He had to return to the ER again the week after. The ER had a legal requirement to file, and they did not; he filed an individual report. He also lodged a complaint against the two doctors who refused to file a report. Given his injuries, his work duties were limited. He then went on medical leave, and is now on disability leave, because his condition is worsening. He has constant pain and burning sensations throughout his body, and constant weakness, constant pain in his back, and cannot walk more than half a mile without assistance. He spends much of his time in bed. He has been diagnosed with “functional neurological disorder,” which doctors told him was the result of his prior “vaccine hesitancy”. He has also been diagnosed with PTSD, given the trauma of being injected and injured, and then the humiliation of the derisive treatment that ensued. He met others once he donated to the Freedom Convoy and his information was leaked online, which facilitated his connection with others like him—and that eventually led him to participate in this hearing. He is obviously physically distressed when sitting.

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