Ryan Gassner

Ryan Gassner from Alberta, represented his 19-year-old daughter. She was diagnosed with a learning disability. She also had a history of autoimmune disorder. She was sent to a local college to prepare her for the workplace. She got “vaccinated” with Pfizer at a pharmacy, without consent as she was confused that she was instead getting a test. She had multiple seizures thereafter. She came back to live at home. After another seizure, she hit her head in the shower, and was rushed to the ER. She has now had probably more than a hundred seizures of various sorts. Doctors says she has a condition of progressive myoclonic epilepsy. She had not had seizures since she was a small child—these last ones began only after her one and only shot. She is only able to handle being out of the house for an hour a day; she sleeps about 18-19 hours a day; her cognitive function has been cut in half. Medical professionals refuse to recognize it as a “vaccine” injury, preferring to chase other leads instead.

In response to questions, Ryan said they contacted the RCMP to press charges of the “vaccination” being given without consent, to no avail. He seems to have been dissuaded from pursuing legal options. His family has no financial assistance for obtaining specialized care for his daughter.

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