Scarlet Martyn​

Scarlet Martyn is an advanced paramedic from Toronto, who was fired because of mandatory “vaccination”. “I wasn’t seeing the pandemic that was being reported in the media,” she stated. People were being told that hospitals were being overrun. Fear prevailed. She attended numerous calls at homes, from people who died because they had resisted going to ERs, afraid of catching Covid.

She was embarrassed when restaurant owners sent them free meals; people banged pots and pans and cheered them; hand-made cards were sent hailing them as “heroes” and yet the hospitals were nearly empty. Healthcare workers then evolved into bullies, as they parroted rules banning visiting family members: “It’s a pandemic!” Those who had reservations about the “vaccines” were vilified by colleagues. Patients were insulted, judged, and othered. Privately, healthcare workers opined that the unvaxxed should be left to die rather than “burden” the healthcare system.

“Terminate or vaccinate” policies prompted a new wave of harsh treatment and open bullying in healthcare environments. Scarlet voiced her concerns about the safety of the mRNA injections, and asked if natural immunity could be deemed a basis for exemption. She was instead accused of insubordination and misconduct, for voicing questions. She was ordered to turn over her medical ID cards and work keys, and was escorted off the premises. She was humiliated. She was “terminated with cause for wilful misconduct,” which destroyed her career as a paramedic, anywhere. This also prevented her from receiving Employment Insurance benefits.

Healthcare workers that advocate for ethical practices in medicine were effectively banished from the system.

In response to questions from the panel, she said she was shocked by the cruelty displayed by the society, and in the work setting. Patients revealed, in confidence, their “vaccine” status and she watched them burst into tears when they were shamed for their decision by nurses or doctors. In addition to the empty ERs, in contrast with what was reported in the news, she also mentioned that field tents went up—and they never saw a patient. Nurses were told they would be deployed in Covid units, and then the massive crisis that was expected never materialized—and during the first wave of the pandemic, the hospitals were completely empty.

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