Sergio Molina​

Sergio Molina, is a Canada Post employee, a letter carrier—on suspension—representing Posties for Freedom. At the beginning of “the pandemic” he was seized by fear of high death counts, but then started noting how little of what the media reported made sense. When the “vaccines” were rolled out, he had accumulated a lot of questions, and doubts. His preference is for holistic health, rather than pinning all hopes on a single product. He also reminded us that in Canada, “vaccines are not mandatory” under the law. He prepared a petition which he sent to his union, with about a hundred signatures, from very early on, demanding that the union do its job of defending them. The union did not. Roughly 6,000 in the postal service did not want to disclose their medical status as the rollout began, but now those numbers have dwindled to about 2-3,000. He decried the authoritarianism taking firm hold of Canada, and he noted that the freedom to make one’s own medical choices is being nullified—except when it comes to abortion (which he condemns).

As a letter carrier, he worked through the thick of “the pandemic”. Letter carriers do not get close to people, so they are hardly those putting people at risk. The union, which has a representative on Health and Safety, simply repeated the mantra that was passed down from that office, as did the corporation. On the work floor, there was name calling, insults, and discrimination over the vax issue. Canada Post is prepared to take back those on suspension, but first has to “prepare” to “receive” them, so the process is slow.

Molina did not want to use his religion to seek an exemption, because he felt it went against his conscience to do so. He should not have to disclose his status to begin with, which was and is his position.

In response to questions from the panel, he noted that the union finally decided to file a grievance, but they used someone from mainstream media who repeated the main talking points of the dominant system, and of course their grievance was defeated—in other words, the union itself betrayed its workers and deliberately engineered their loss. In the meantime, he has taken up other work, and has had significant support from his religious community.

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