Shawn Buckley

Shawn Buckley, a regulatory lawyer from Alberta, reviewed the Pfizer safety and efficacy data. Every single one of us has been coerced and pressured to participate in a massive human experiment, he stated. Government and employers both required the shots. The public messaging was intense that created fear and hatred. The “unvaccinated” were to be put in camps, or denied essential services, if the wishes of some had been fulfilled. Meanwhile, long-term safety data is not available. Health Canada, in what reads like propaganda in a police state, declares the “vaccines” have been proven to be totally safe and effective. Pfizer has to meet a mandatory test produced by Health Canada, and if it meets that test, Health Canada must approve Pfizer’s product, and has no discretion. Buckley reads out the test: “The Minister has sufficient evidence to support the conclusion that the benefits associated with the drug outweigh the risks”. In other words, Pfizer does not have to prove that the “vaccine” is safe, or that it works, or even that the benefits outweigh the risks. All Pfizer has to do is cherry-pick data to support the conclusion—and that constitutes “sufficient evidence”. The second part of the test even allows for uncertainties about safety and efficacy: “…having regard to the uncertainties relating to the benefits and risks and the urgent public health need”. In other words, Buckley argues, Pfizer has not had to prove either safety or efficacy.

Preston Manning observes that the government came to a conclusion first—that “vaccines” were the solution to the Covid crisis—and then everything was bent around that. Buckley says it’s worse: it was about Health Canada just approving something.

Buckley says this is a fraud on the Canadian people. None of the coercive measures can be justified. Doctors are forced to follow the party line. The police have not investigated this. The courts have not done their duty. The media have been totally captured. How many kids have to be killed or disabled before our society wakes up?

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