Tania (mother) and Nicole Minnikin​

Tania (mother) and Nicole Minnikin​

Tania Tavernier, from Alberta, had her her 19-year-old daughter, Deana, pass away after being “vaccinated” seven months ago. The official cause of death has not been released. “Deanna was a healthy 19-year-old living in Alberta with no history of head injuries, seizures or any chronic illnesses. In less than 24 hours after receiving her 1st Covid “vaccine” she was in the emergency department having suffered her 1st seizure. Emergency physician noted on her chart “Interestingly, had Pfizer vaccine dose yesterday…event reported to AEFI.”

“Despite this significant adverse reaction, none of the medical professionals treating Deanna warned her that she could be at risk if she took the 2nd Covid vaccine, and in fact, she was encouraged to do so. Once again, within 24 hours of the 2nd shot she experienced her 2nd seizure. One month later she had her 3rd seizure and told not to drive or swim for six months and placed indefinitely on anti-seizure medication. Her 4th seizure two weeks later would be her last. Deanna died on November 23, 2021. The $100 gift Visa card given to her by the Alberta government as a reward for getting vaccinated received after death and remains uncashed.”

Her sister, Nicole Minnikin, 25, spoke next about her experience with the “vaccine”. She was five-months pregnant with her second child. Because she suffered from hyperemesis throughout her pregnancy, she was told by her physician that getting covid presented more of a risk than getting vaccinated. She was strongly encouraged to get her first shot, despite sharing that her sister had experienced a severe adverse reaction to her first shot. Nicole trusted her doctor and got the Pfizer vaccine. She began showing symptoms of potential miscarriage within 24 hours and 11 days later, her son, Connor, was stillborn. Understandably distraught, Nicole confronted her doctor and questioned her recommendation to get vaccinated. The heated discussion resulted in Nicole being given an ultimatum to take the second covid shot or find another doctor. Due to the shortage of doctors in Ontario and the duress of potentially not finding another doctor in Ontario, she took a second shot. Nicole became pregnant again 3 months after losing Connor and suffered another miscarriage.

[It is important for the reader to know that there were severe interruptions to the stream from the family, and some key details were either lost or garbled. Others who listened believed they heard that Nicole also lost her second baby after her second shot.]

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