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Dr. Francis Christian:
I'm just going to cut short what I am going to say, and I'm going to say it in two parts. It's very interesting that this is the 23rd of June and why it is so interesting will become apparent to you later in my testimony. About this time last year, I was a surgeon. What kind of surgeon? I did general surgery, cancer surgery, trauma surgery, that sort of thing. In the University of Saskatchewan Hospitals, I was a clinical professor of surgery. And in addition, I was director of two different departments within the Department of Surgery, both of which I founded and cofounded one of them. One is the Department of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, which I founded. I also brought what it's called a National Surgical Quality Improvement Program into the department. I also founded the Department of the Surgical Humanities, and I was the founding editor in chief of the Journal of the Surgical Humanities, which now has a worldwide circulation. Early, early in this in the pandemic, back in 2020, I, I actually supported some of the government measures, including lockdowns, because I wanted to give the government a bit of a rope. We were being told this is a new virus. And my attitude was, let's see what happens. But very quickly, by April of 2020, I started asking my own questions. And that's because I found similarities with what I knew to be a totalitarian regime. So, for example, I found respected colleagues who I had known about even before the pandemic. People like the ICU physician, all Marik whose work on sepsis, for example, we surgeons knew about even before condemning the pandemic.

Dr. Francis Christian:
The pandemic basically was being treated in the same way as the Soviet Union was treating its citizens. So, for example, misinformation and disinformation was right out of the Soviet playbook. And I as a teenager, I had read a book which had impressed me massively. It was called Tortured for Christ. And I then decided that I should know how this regime, the Soviet Union, actually did its tyranny. And so I found many of the same similarities. They were de-platforming people, persecuting people. I was very interested in the way people are being suppressed. The media was being taken over by the government. The media became an arm of the government. And then I started looking at the data. This was back in May of 2020, and none of it made sense compared to what the government was telling us. So I started looking more and more at the data, just at the hard numbers. And I started engaging my colleagues in discussion, trying to convince them that there is another side to the story. Now, I wasn't making much headway, especially among my colleagues. You must remember, as a surgeon, I work very closely with anesthesiologists, and anesthesiologists often double up as ICU physicians. So at least it didn't seem to me that I was making any headway at all. Maybe a little bit more headway with residents and medical students and nurses. And then came the rollout of the vaccine to the kids.

Dr. Francis Christian:
And that's where I decided that I couldn't be silent anymore or I couldn't live with my conscience. And on the 17th of June, I had a press conference. Which was well attended actually by the press. And in the press conference, I what I, what I did was I asked for the ancient and well respected principle of informed consent for. Parents and the kids. I'm not going to go through what I said. But interestingly, I looked at my statement, my press statement at the time and found that literally everything that I said at that time still is valid. So anyway, you could find that if you go to the JC website or if you just Google JC Dr. Christian, you'll find my statement there too. But a week later, exactly on this date, 23rd of June 2021, I was called in for a meeting which was more like a tribunal because again, I recognized a lot of the Soviet terminology in what they said to me. The GCF on the website also has a recording of that interview that the tribunal, which comprised the dean of the medical school, the the head of the interim head of surgery at the time, and and the chief medical officer and I was called in. We had a a sort of a meeting, a Zoom meeting, and I was fired for asking for informed consent. Although I in the press statement, essentially, I, I said very clearly that I do not speak for the College of Medicine.

Dr. Francis Christian:
I do not speak for the university. I do not speak for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. And I said, I come to you as a father, as a citizen, as a human being, and quite recently and joyfully a grandfather. So. And as a surgeon, of course. So. So that was what happened to me. And if I may, I'd like to use the remaining part of my testimony time. I'd like to use it to tell you about my witness of what has been happening with my medical and nursing colleagues, because the baffling silence of the great majority of my nursing and medical colleagues during this pandemic has been an essential part of my personal experience and testimony. So to my medical and nursing colleagues. I know you believe in our profession's ancient pledge of putting our patients first. I know the vast majority of you became physicians and nurses because you love people, love humanity, want to make a better world for us all. How was it, then, that you remained silent during the greatest abuse of science and medicine that we've witnessed in several centuries? How is it, then, that you have trusted pharmaceutical companies with sordid histories of trial for fraud and crime over your own colleagues and over the data that has been screaming at us for months? How is it, then, that you've gone along with fiction presented as clinical fact from bureaucrats who have never seen and cared for actual patients like you do? How is it then, that you refuse to call out a product masquerading as a vaccine that is clearly not safe and not effective? Would you accept the pronouncement that Drug X is safe and effective simply because the pharmaceutical company and corrupt agencies tell you that it is so? How is it then that you have not examined the new mRNA technology or lockdowns or masks with the same searchlight of evidence and hard data and looking at both sides of an argument? Why have you not spoken out that the corrupt official narrative of natural immunity now not counting as immunity? How is it that you've not realised by now that search engines and the media are all arms of a corrupt governments and agencies and speak with one corrupt voice when corrupt politicians threaten millions of our fellow men with punishment for a personal health choice.

Dr. Francis Christian:
Why have you not spoken out when you know that this virus is not a threat to children? Why have you not put our children first and called out the corrupt and criminal drive from government and health bureaucrats to push a vaccine on kids who don't need it and who can be seriously harmed by the vaccine itself. What long term data do we have for our kids now that babies as young as six months are poised to be injected with the mRNA injection? Why have you not looked at actual scientific evidence rather than parroting the official narratives? How is it that you've allowed licensing agencies to dictate what is misinformation or disinformation and interfere with the informed consent and the sacrosanct doctor patient relationship? Did you really think our licensing colleges have the expertise and knowledge to suspend licences over giving of medical exemptions? And how is it that you have remained silent when our eminent colleagues have been persecuted simply for examining the data and having another scientific opinion, or simply for recommending drugs like ivermectin in early treatment, when the evidence will tell you that ivermectin is safer than Tylenol and that early treatment works if you've been silent because of fear of being singled out, fear of your licence being taken away, fear of your income being impacted.

Dr. Francis Christian:
I ask you to remember this timeless verse from the Gospel according to Mark. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul? Do you really want to lose your souls and become faceless servants of the tyranny? This there is still time to turn this around. There is still time to stop this assault on science and truth and the scientific method and free speech. There is still time to redeem your conscience, but time is running out. Tomorrow may be too late. Remember, if hundreds, even thousands of you decide to take courageous, historical and consequential stands for humanity but truth for our patients, the licensing bodies cannot come against all of us. We will be too many. We would have turned the tide. Doctors and nurses of the world. My respected colleagues. Let's turn the tide now for Canada, for humanity and for the world. Thank you.

Trish Wood:
Thanks, Dr. Christian. I'm going to throw right to the panel because I. Yeah.

Preston Manning:
I don't really have a question, but just a comment. And thank you for that list of questions. Those are the types of questions that should be put to some of your colleagues in front of a formal investigation into this event and in a forum where they are under oath and compelled to tell the truth. Your list of questions is what should be put to those colleagues in that circumstance? And one of the things we're working towards with this hearing is to bring that kind of hearing about. So thank you for your list of questions.

David Ross:
Thank you. Dr. Christian, that's really you've you've you've asked many of the right questions and I can't think of any that that you haven't, that you failed to ask. And so I just you know, I recognize that that your courage has has cost you. And and and really, we've had others here as well whose courage and integrity and character has cost them, but yet they stand. And and these are the these are the kind of Canadians I believe you folks are Canadian heroes. And and we need more of you. And and I hope that that as each of you testify here at this hearing, that many, many others will be inspired to to demonstrate that courage and take those steps to tell their story. And and so just on behalf of all Canadians, I thank you so sincerely for your for your presentation today.

Trish Wood:
Thank you, Dr. Christian, very much for for doing this. It's very meaningful. Thank you.

Dr. Francis Christian:
Thank you for letting me speak.

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