Transcription – English – Sonya Anderson (Organizer)

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Trish Wood:
I want to, before we break, introduce Sonya Anderson again, the woman responsible for pulling this thing together. And she's done a brilliant job and she has a couple of words to say.

Sonya Anderson:
Hello, everyone. I just wanted to say that what was so important about what we just heard from those four elected officials is how approachable they are. Their doors were open. They wanted their constituents to reach out to them. And one thing that I think a lot of Canadians don't realize is that your government officials are there to represent you. They may not necessarily agree with you, but they are still obligated to represent you because you are a part of their constituency. So I really strongly encourage each and every one of you to reach out to every level of government official, whether it's your local municipal elected official, your MPP or MLA in whatever province you're in or your federally elected MP. And I think it's really critical that you have conversations with them to let them know the issues that you face, because as you can see, they're doing their best to try to help you out. The other thing that I think you should do is share the information that you've heard over the past three days with them. We have had testimonials from a variety of citizens just like yourself, but we've also heard from so many different experts, whether legal, scientific, medical, who have brilliant information that I think you should be bringing to the attention of those elected officials.

Sonya Anderson:
Because the only way that we're going to see change in this country is by you, the citizens, affecting change. You need to make your elected officials aware of this type of information. So we will be sharing all of the video that we have taken over the past three days, will be posted and uploaded to our website. So citizens hearing see, we will be also making an effort to provide shorter versions so that each of those expert testimonials can be packaged into smaller soundbites that you can share once again with not only your elected officials, but your network of friends and family members. Because we have to change the conversations in this country. So please keep checking back. It is going to take us a little bit of time to get that all organized, but keep checking back to that website and we promise you we will give you the resources that you need to shift the conversation. Thank you.

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